Solar Photovoltaics, or Solar PV for short, is a type of renewable energy technology that is capable of converting light into electrical current. This electricity can then be used in your home. A Solar PV system uses panels which convert sunlight into electricity. The PV panels are wired to an inverter which converts the generated electricity from Direct Current (DC) into usable Alternating Current (AC) for use in your home. The Solar PV system is connected to the electrics in your house and therefore to the National Grid. Any surplus electricity produced by the system that is not needed in your home is exported back to the grid. Similarly when the system is not providing enough power for your home, you can import the amount you need back from the grid.

South West Wales enjoys some of the highest solar radiation levels in the whole of the UK.
All this means that there has never been a better time (or place) for you to install a Solar PV system. Not only will you be significantly reducing your carbon footprint, you’ll also be reducing your energy bills and getting paid to do it! Contact Preseli Solar today. We carry out domestic and commercial installations across Pembrokeshire, West Carmarthenshire and South Ceredigion.



The sun has been active for several billion years. It provides us with light and heat without billing us for a single sunbeam. In less than an hour, the sun emits as much energy to the earth as is used by the entire population of the planet in one year. By comparison: every square metre of the sun radiates the energy equivalent of 6,300 litres of heating oil every hour. If less than one hundredth of this enormous energy potential were used, this would permanently solve all energy problems on our planet.
The world is rapidly consuming its fossil fuel resources and the costs of extracting these resources are also spiralling. This is reflected in the rising costs of fuel and electricity used to heat and light our homes. The environmental effects of burning fossil fuels are well publicised and global warming is already with us. The Government is committed to reducing C02 emissions and renewable energy technologies are a huge part of achieving these reductions.


In April 2010 incentives to microgeneration schemes in the form of Feed-In Tariffs (FIT’s) were introduced. Under FITs, anyone installing an eligible Solar PV system received a guaranteed fixed payment for all the electricity generated, regardless of whether they used it or not, for a period of 20 years. They also received an additional payment for any electricity they didn’t use that they fed back into the National Grid. As if that wasn’t enough, people installing systems also benefitted from reduced electricity bills as they effectively become their own power stations and so didn’t need to use as much electricity from suppliers and the grid. The FITs were a huge success in bringing about a massive expansion of the solar industry resulting in a huge decrease in the cost of solar pv equipment today. The scheme came to a close in March 2019. A lull ensued for nine months eventually to be replaced by the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) which came into being in January 2020.


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