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Previous projects and Testimonials

Below are some examples of work we have carried out to date with testimonials from our customers.

March 2015

3.75kwp system (15 x Solarworld Sunmodule Plus SW250 all-black modules w. SMA Sunny Boy 3600TL-21 dual MPPT inverter) mounted on natural slate roof over two roofs.  The property had3.75kwp Solarworld array 2, Hundleton, Pembrokeshire 3.75kwp Solarworld array, Hundleton, Pembrokeshirebeen recently refurbished to a very high standard and our customer was keen for the installation to blend in as well as possible against the natural slate roof background.  We specified Solarworld all-black panels which are a very sleek  as well as being an excellent performer.  Heating and hot water was provided by a ground source heat pump, an all electric solution, so the solar would provide an important contribution to reduce running costs. An SMA Sunny Boy inverter was used with dual independent MPPT (maximum power point tracking) to maximise generation from the two roof arrays.

“Preseli Solar recently installed solar PV panels on the roof of our house to compliment the ground source heat pump that provides us with heating and hot water. From our initial meeting to completion, we found Ian and his team to be friendly, straightforward and efficient to deal with. Having had solar PV panels on a previous property, we were pretty much aware of the issues with PV panels and we were pleased to find that all our queries were answered promptly and honestly. Once on site, the programme of work was adhered to as promised from the outset. Standards of workmanship were high and good levels of care were exercised at all times, resulting in a neat and tidy looking installation. The all-black panels look good against our slate roof and are performing as expected. We are pleased that we chose Preseli Solar for our PV installation and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

David Goodman, Hundleton, Pembrokeshire.

December 2014

3.24kwp system (12 x LG270 S1K-B3 all-black modules w. Solaredge optimisers and inverter) mounted on synthetic slate roof over three roofs.  The property was located in the National Park with 3.24kwp array LG270S1K-B3 St Davids Pembrokeshirea black slate roof and our customer was keen to use a dark panel to complement the dark slate.  We specified an LG all-black panel which fitted the bill aesthetically as well as being an excellent performer.  Solaredge optimisers were a necessity to ensure tracking of the panels over three roof aspects.

“Preseli Solar proved very efficient right from the point of first contact.  They provided a detailed quote, much more so than some of their competitors, and explained it all very carefully.  Their workmanship over the installation was excellent and we have been left with a very neat job.  It is too early to say whether it is a good investment but I would recommend them for their efficiency and workmanship.”

Jo and Maggie Rose, St Davids, Pembrokeshire.

4kwp system (16 x REC 250 PE black-framed modules w. Solaredge optimisers and inverter) mounted on concrete tile roof.  The customer’s roof was East and West facing and long but with little height.  We specified a single row of 8 modules on each roof.  Whilst East/West arrays do not produce as much total generation over the year as a South facing array, they do provide a more level generation over a longer part of the day rather than generation being focused in the middle of the day.  The West roof also suffered a little with shading from a high chimney stack late in the day.  For this reason and other general benefits, Solaredge optimisers were used to maximise generation.4.0kwp REC array, Owen Street, Pennar4.0kwp REC array, Owen Street, Pennar

“We were extremely satisfied with the advice given in the run up to installation as we have an east/west facing roof and were unsure whether solar panels would provide sufficient generation to make the costs worthwhile.  The installation itself was quick, clean and efficient and , since then has produced in excess of our expectations and the predictions of the government web-site.  Having obtained several quotes for identical installations Preseli Solar were the best value for money, we were pleased to support a local company and would recommend their services without hesitation.”

Mr and Mrs George, Pennar, Pembroke Dock.

4kwp system (16 x REC 250 PE silver-framed modules w. Fronius IGTL3.6 inverter) mounted on concrete tile roof. 4kwp REC Array, Burton, Pembrokeshire

“We were extremely satisfied with the installation of the Solar Panels that were supplied and fitted by Preseli Solar. The service was extremely efficient and we were very pleased with the way the whole project was executed.  What Ian explained in the first meeting we had was exactly as it happened.  We had no concerns what-so-ever and were delighted that we chose  to use  Preseli Solar.”

Mr and Mrs Tuckwell, Burton.

November 2014

4kwp system (16 x REC 250 PE silver-framed modules w. Fronius IGTL3.6 inverter) mounted on slate roof with Solar Slate Plate mounting system.  This 16 panel system was placed high on the roof to avoid shading from the flue pipe at the bottom of the roof.  We used a new mounting system designed specifically for slate roofs whereby a whole slate is replaced with a ‘Solar Slate Plate’ to which the mounting rail is attached.  We had seen the system at the Solar UK conference in Birmingham in October and were very impressed with its strength and aesthetics as well as it’s foolproof water impregnation.Solar Slate Plate MountingSolar Slate Plate MountingIMG_1979

“I have been very impressed with the service from Preseli Solar from start to finish. Quick to provide a quote, willing to investigate alternative options for me, and extremely professional in their manner. The communication received before the start was great, the scaffolding came when they said it would, and so did Preseli Solar. The job took less than two days, for a full 4kw system, with the extra immersun. The boys were quiet and tidy, and the resulting installation looks great. We were generating electricity by the second afternoon! The paperwork was quickly sent through, meaning I could get in my application for feed in tariff straight away. I would recommend this company to anyone and feel confident in the product and the service.”

Sarah Williams, Llangybie, Lampeter, Ceredigion.

2kwp system (8 x REC 250 PE silver-framed modules w. Zeversolar TL 2000 inverter)

“Many thanks for a friendly and hassle-free service from quotations to installation. Very happy with entire process and would recommend without reservation..”

Roger and Anne Partington, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire.

October 2014

3.9kwp REC array, Bunkers Hill, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire3.9kwp system (15 x REC260PE silver frame modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) on concrete tile roof.

“I am happy for you to mention our installation on any of your websites and would certainly recommend you if I hear of anyone interested in solar systems.“

Mr Knowles, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire.

4.0kwp system (16 x REC250PE black frame modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) on synthetic slate roof.  The customer also had an Immersun device fitted to divert surplus energy generated into heating their domestic hot water.IMG_1951

“We are extremely happy with the service from Preseli Solar,  they were very efficient and reliable and the installation went smoothly . We would recommend them without hesitation.

Rob and Enys Young, Maenclochog, Pembrokeshire.

4.0kwp system (16 x REC250PE silver frame modules w. Solaredge optimisers and inverter) on synthetic slate roof.  This installation was on the South and West facing roofs of the garage as the customer preferred not to have the panels on the main house roof.4kwp REC Array, Maenclochog, Pembrokeshire

“We were very impressed with the professional advice and service from quotation through to install from Preseli Solar.  Quotation was quick to arrive, cheaper than other quotes on an identical like for like system, and the installation was programmed and completed on time and as arranged.  The installation was swift and efficient and very tidy.​ We were pleased to support a local company and would recommend Preseli Solar as installers of PV solar power installations to anybody who is thinking of installing a system.“

Mr and Mrs John, Maenclochog, Pembrokeshire.

August 2014

4kwp system (16 x REC 250 PE silver-framed modules w. Solaredge optimsers and inverter) mounted over four concrete tile roofs with Schletter roof mounting system.  The property only had limited South facing roof-space.  This space was maximised with the balance of the system spread over three other East and West facing roofs.  As the primary heating system is an air source heat pump which will demand energy regularly over the whole course of the day, the design aims to match that demand ensuring that generation is also spread over the whole day rather than being concentrated in the middle of the day as with an entirely South facing array.  Surplus power in the summer months is being utilised by the inclusion of an Immersun device to divert surplus generated energy into water heating.

4kwp REC array, Broad Haven, PembrokeshireWest 1 4kwp REC array, Broad Haven, PembrokeshireWest 2 4kwp REC array, Broad Haven, PembrokeshireEast roof 4kwp REC array, Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire

“My solar panels have been by far the most hassle-free part of a major refurbishment. Preseli Solar responded very promptly, were the first to provide a written quotation which was much more thorough than the others and quoted about the same price as another installer who just did not have the same theoretical and practical grasp of the technology, the principles of siting the panels or indeed why some panels are better than others.

Ian and Nick’s knowledge is impressive, they are two very nice, highly skilled guys who did the job with quiet efficiency and are providing the after-sales service that is exactly what every customer hopes for and so rarely gets.

I had the first feed-in tariff payment before Christmas which did indeed exceed predictions.

Within the last week I have been asked about the cost and performance of solar panels.  I had absolutely no hesitation in recommending Preseli Solar for a top quality installation”

Ms Sheers, Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire (Feb 2015).

4kwp system (16 x REC 250 PE silver-framed modules w. Fronius IGTL3.6 inverter) mounted on slate roof with Schuco slate roof mounting system.  4.0kwp REC array, Meidrim, Carmarthenshire

“To Ian, We want to let you know how happy we are with our solar panels and to thank you and your staff for a trouble-free installation.  You were a pleasure to work with due to your efficiency, reliability and utmost professionalism – three qualities that have been lacking in some of the other trades we’ve encountered in our renovation”

Mr and Mrs Tinsley, Meidrim, Carmarthenshire.

March 2014

4kwp array REC silver - Puncheston, Pembrokeshire4kwp system (16 x REC 250 PE silver-framed modules w. SolarEdge optimisers and SolarEdge SE3680 inverter)

“Just wanted to say many thanks to Ian and Nick on the simple quick and painless installation of my 4kw system.

I had researched a lot of companies over a lot of years before I decided I definitely wanted the panels.

I then decided I wanted to invest locally, I found 5 companies within 20miles and phoned them all- alphabetically I think- some I left messages, some told me they would phone me back. Ian answered immediately and was with me- on the way home from another job- that evening- hmm very positive I’m thinking!
The appointment was informative to the point and only cost me a coffee.
The quote arrived in my inbox the next day- more positive vibes as far as I was concerned.
I waited a few days for the others to get back to – to try and beat what I knew was a very competitive quote.
I have to this day only received one of those quotes – £600 more than Preseli Solar, and one return phone call asking if I was still looking – on the day of installation – so very glad I decided to go with Ian and Nick on that score.

The contracts and deposit was completed within a week and the installation within a fortnight.
The materials arrived and the installation started – no fuss, very little mess and apart from keeping the coffees coming no input from me at all.
I chose to have SolarEdge monitoring and I can now keep an eye on the panels performance via my phone and laptop – it gives you an extra little bounce in your step on a sunny day!!

All in all I can only recommend these two, local, professionals, if you want to come and see my system and how little it has impacted on my house but massively altered my bills please feel free to make an appointment through Preseli Solar.

Many Thanks to both Ian and Nick.”
Julie, Puncheston, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.


Haines_4kwp_REC_Maenclochog4kwp system (16 x REC 250 PE silver-framed modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) mounted on Schletter ground mount on concrete footings.

“I am delighted with the solar panels. The installation was swift and trouble-free, the workmanship extremely tidy and careful. The supporting literature was also excellent. Full marks to Preseli Solar, I would definitely recommend them.”
Mrs Haines, Maenclochog, Pembrokeshire.

February 2014

Caersegan 4kwp, St Nicholas, GoodwickCaersegen pv wiring, St Nicholas, Goodwick4kwp system (16 x REC 250 PE silver-framed modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) mounted on trapezoidal sheet workshop roof.  Our customers run a dive charter business and were looking for a green supply of energy to power their high pressure compressors as well as contributing to domestic consumption.  Read their news report on the installation under February at http://www.celticdiving.co.uk/newsrec.htm

“Thank you Ian and Nick for a fautless, professional and friendly service. We were extremely happy with the installation, all the good advice and the end result. We have already recommended you to other potential customers and we wish you all the best for your business in the future.”

“Four months after our installation Ian took the trouble to come by and check our stats and performance, giving us another opportunity to understand the software. We are actually doing 20% better than the original estimate, fantastic result ! Thanks very much for the great service and continued support.”
Mark and Cathy Deane, St Nicholas, Goodwick, Pembrokeshire.

4kwp system (16 x REC 250 PE silver-framed modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) on new slate roof.  As the customers were re-slating the roof, we were able to fit the roof anchors to the rafters before the roof was slated and the roofers then slated around the anchors using lead flashings over the anchors.  This meant that the roof did not need to be disturbed after slating – it also reduced the cost of the install as scaffolding was already in place for the roofing work.

“We are delighted with the professional approach and quality workmanship provided by Preseli Solar in their quoting and subsequent installation of our roof mounted Solar photo-electric system. In particular their willingness to schedule the installation to timely sequence with the roof replacement work. A job well done”
Mr and Mrs Lewis, Croesgoch, Pembrokeshire.

November 2013

Finished jobs-354kwp system (16 x REC 250 PE modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) on concrete tile roof at rear of house.

“very pleased with the installation and performance.”
Mr & Mrs Croxon, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire.

August 2013

Finished jobs-344kwp system (16 x REC250PE modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) on concrete tile roof at rear of house.

“We would thoroughly recommend Preseli Solar for the following reasons:-
Detailed investigation of site by specialists prior to installation;
Detailed quotation for the design, installation and commissioning of panels and predicted system performance over the longer term;
Expertise in undertaking a quick and prompt installation on agreed date.
A local company that takes pride in its work and gives the purchaser total confidence in its performance.”
Mr and Mrs Harries, St Clears, Carmarthenshire.

4kwp Solar array, Cwmbach, Carmarthenshire4kwp system (16 x Hyundai HIS-S250MG (all-black) modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter on slate roof of outbuilding at Cwmbach, Carmarthenshire.

May 2013

Benson_May_134kwp system (16 x REC 250 PE modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) over two slate roofs on rear of house.

“an excellent system installed extremely efficiently”
Mr and Mr Benson, Login, Carmarthenshire.

4kwp_Hyundai_all-black_Pentlepoir_Pembrokeshire4kwp system (16 x Hyundai HiS-S250MG (all-black) modules w. SMA SB3600TL dual mppt inverter over two concrete tile roofs.  The system was split over a South-East facing roof and a North-West facing roof in line with the customers personal requirements.  The SMA inverter was chosen as it is able to monitor each array independently as they will experience different light conditions being in opposite facing orientations.

April 2013

Mortlock_Apr_134kwp system (16 x Hyundai HiS-S250MG (all-black) modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter.  Ground mount on concrete footings manufactured by Schletter.

“Excellent design and build project. Very tidy work and good problem-solving skills. Very pleased with the result.”
Clive Mortlock, Glascoed Farm Holiday Cottages, www.westwalescottages.co.uk

March 2013

Haworth_Mar_134kwp system (16 x REC250PE silver frame modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) on concrete tile roof.  Modules placed as high on the roof as possible to minimise shading.

“Your installation was quick, professionally done and I would recommend your company without hesitation. “
Mr Haworth, Milford Haven.

February 2013

Simms_Feb_13(1) Simms_Feb_13(2) Simms_Feb_13(3)4kwp system (16 x Hyundai HIS-250MG (all-black) modules w. Power-One PVI 3.6 twin MPPT inverter) over two slate roofs at rear of house.
Locally manufactured lead cable entry flashing used to route cables into roof space.

“From a satisfaction point of view we found yourselves (Preseli Solar) highly professional and installation to a high standard.
After sales service was excellent in identifying a local high voltage problem in the area affecting the panels which has been rectified by Western Power. The panels and equipment have performed well and appear very reliable. The forecasts of over 3000kwh have proved spot on for the year.
The black only panels look smart and we would recommend Preseli Solar without reservation.”
Mr Simms, Marloes, Pembrokeshire.

November 2012

Earle_Nov_112.16kwp system (9 x Sanyo HIT N240-SE10 hybrid modules w. SMA Sunny Boy SB2000HF inverter) on onduline corrugated roof.  There was little room left on the roof due to existing roof lights and solar thermal panels but just enough for a strip of super-efficient Sanyo hybrid modules in landscape along the bottom of the roof and one extra on the top right-hand corner.  Due to the roof being constructed with horizontal timber purlins it was necessary for more rail than normal to be visible.

“Hard working and professional team – despite horrible weather – completed the job neatly and on time.”
Mrs Earle, Narberth, Pembrokeshire.

June 2012

4kwp array, Llanglydwen, Whitland4kwp system (16 x REC250PE modules (black frame) w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) on garage slate roof.  The system was installed to help with the costs of heating a swimming pool at a holiday complex.  The pool is heated using heat pumps which, when using the generated electricity, heats the pool for free.  If the heating is not required, the generated electricity is usefully used in other areas of the complex.

“We were extremely happy with the installation and the information that went with it. 2 years in and everything is still working smoothly and generating lots of electricity (and Feed in Tariffs!).”
Mr and Mrs Spence, Llanglydwen, Carmarthenshire.

Tollick_Jun_12(1) Tollick_Jun_12(2)3.99kwp system (17 x REC235PE silver-framed modules w. Power-One PVI 3.6 (twin MPPT) inverter) over two slate roofs. The Power-One inverter has dual maximum power-point tracking capability to maximise generation where modules are on a different orientation and/or tilt due to being on two roofs – one South facing, the other West facing.  The array also had to be earthed due to the proximity of modules to velux window openings.

“We certainly recommend Preseli Solar for installation of solar panels. We have found the advice, service and workmanship excellent. We are extremely pleased with our choice of company for our solar array installation.”
Mr and Mrs Tollick, Hill Mountain, Pembrokeshire.

February 2012

Halton_Feb_123.84kwp system (16 x Sanyo HIT-N240SE10 hybrid modules w. Power-One PVI 3.6 inverter) on outbuilding box profile roof.

“I had Panasonic panels installed by Preseli Solar in March 2012. There have been manufacturer glitches to overcome, and PS are always prompt and helpful, they meet deadlines and are knowledgeable, so I am happy to recommend them.”
Mr Halton,  Whitland, Carmarthenshire.

3.5kwp system (14 x Hyundai HIS-S250MG modules w. SMA SB3000TL inverter) on house slate roof.

“Your service from enquiry to completion was spot on.”
Mr and Mrs Jones, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire.

December 2011

Joseph_Dec_114kwp ground mount (16 x Hyundai HiS-S250MG modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter).  The modules are mounted on Unirac high profile tilt-legs on to concrete strip foundations.

“If you want a solar installation planned and executed with professional care and technical excellence, our advice is simple: ask Ian and Nick.”
Mr and Mrs Joseph, Goodwick, Pembrokeshire.

Linell_Dec_114kwp system (16 x Hyundai HiS-S250MG monocrystalline modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) on new slate roof.  As a new roof was being constructed, we were able to fit the roof anchors to the rafters before the roof was slated and the roofers then slated around the anchors using lead flashings over the anchors.  This meant that the roof did not need to be disturbed after slating – it also reduced the cost of the install as scaffolding was already in place for the roofing work.  The customer has more recently (April 2014) had an Immersun device installed to divert any excess power being generated to his immersion tank to reduce his water heating costs.  Once the water is hot, excess power is then diverted to a storage heater.

“I researched the market before coming to you for a 4kW PV system. Unlike some other suppliers, you do the technically correct job at a fair price.
I also have an Immersun from you, which is working well, and hopefully saving a load of money!”
Mr Linell, Maenclochog, Clynderwen, Pembrokeshire.

November 2011

3.675kwp system (15 x Sharp NU-R245J5 monocrystalline modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) on trapezoidal roof on agricultural shed.

“In a word, EXCELLENT!  Preseli Solar were helpful from beginning to end. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Always informative and efficient, made to feel that you as the customer mattered to them, unlike some of the horror stories you read in the press.  Would without question recommend Preseli Solar ”

Mr Vaughan, Puncheston, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

October 2011

Phillips_Oct_114kwp system (16 x Sharp NU-R250J5 monocrystalline modules w. Fronius IGTL 3.6 inverter) on slate roof on garage.

“We had several solar panel companies give us quotations, but Ian and Nick could answer questions that the others could not, they were very professional and the installation went well, we are extremely pleased with the final result.”
Mr Phillips, New Moat, Clarbeston Road, Pembrokeshire