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The main components of a solar photovoltaic system are as follows:

Solar panels – the panels harvest the sun’s light energy and convert this into DC electricity.
Inverter – the inverter converts the DC electricity in to AC electricity for use in the home and for connection to the national grid.
Mounting – the components used to fix the modules to the roof (or ground).

As an independent installer, Preseli Solar is not tied to any manufacturer and we can source whatever choice of components you prefer.

Solar panels

We have used various panel manufacturers over the years and have settled on a few manufacturers who offer the qualities we are looking for in a module, i.e. high yield, quality of manufacture, after sales support and value.




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REC Solar

REC Solar, a company of Norwegian heritage recently moved its head office and entire manufacturing facilities to Tuas, Singapore. REC’s control of the entire process from raw silicon to wafers, cells and eventually modules, combined with high quality design and manufacturing standards at their highly automated factory means they can produce high-performance solar modules with uncompromising quality.
REC solar modules ranked first in the year long comparative study conducted by Photon Laboratory in 2011 which measures energy yield. On average, REC modules generated more electricity than 45 other module brands, producing 6 percent more energy.
The modules come with a 10 year product warranty and a linear 25 year performance warranty. Our company has undergone training with REC resulting in our status as REC Solar Professionals which also enables us to increase the standard product warranty by an additional 2 years to 12 years.
The modules have been certificated for use in areas of high salt mist (coastal locations) and high ammonia concentrations (e.g. on cattle sheds).
Uniquely in the solar industry, the company is also entirely debt free with a very strong financial position assuring their ability to honour any warranty claims that may arise over the 25 year warranty period. Such financial strength is extremely rare in the solar industry.


REC Module datasheet (silver-frame)
REC Module datasheet (black-frame)
Photon Labs Study 2011
REC warranty details
REC Solar Professional brochure
Salt mist certificate
Ammonia resistance certificate

Hyundai solar

Where an all-black panel is preferred, look no further than the Hyundai monocrystalline 250w with black frame and black backing sheet manufactured by one of the world’s largest companies Hyundai Heavy Industries – A Global Leader in manufacturing.  The Hyundai panels offer a 25 year power warranty, 10 year product warranty, 3 bypass diodes to prevent power decrease by partial shade and an Output power tolerance of +3/-0%. The panel has passed both its ammonia corrosion resistance and salt mist corrosion test.
As part of Hyundai’s Heavy Industries portfolio, the world’s leading electro systems electrical manufacturer and Korea’s largest green energy provider, you can depend on this solar panels quality and reliability.
These sleek, all black panels work seamlessly with any roof and their high quality make them an excellent choice for any homeowner.


Hyundai Module datasheet
Hyundai warranty details
Salt mist certificate
Ammonia resistance certificate

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